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2005-xx-xx Rumi Satohi
2005-xx-xx Sacrifice Heroes - Paionates
2005-xx-xx Sex Worker
2005-xx-xx The Sex Hound
2005-xx-xx Xes Fantasia
2005-xx-xx Noname
2007-08-nineteen Queen’s Blade Cattleya version
2007-12-31 Queen’s Blade Claudette version
2008-05-11 Metropolitan Eros Academy
2008-06-15 Death Note
2008-07-22 The Quest of Rape Raper Rapest
2008-08-twenty Game Overs
2008-11-14 Policewoman Dog Gangbang Training
2008-12-thirty Eyeshield 21
2009-04-11 Xes Fantasia
2009-04-21 Female Blade Clarice
2009-04-25 Gantz
2009-06-07 One Piece
2009-08-10 Sexual Alien!
2009-08-29 Ghost Sweeper Yumi
2009-11-27 Sacrifice for the Beast
2010-01-twenty one Sacrifice Heroes
2010-02-28 Rape Quest
2010-12-31 This wicked woman
2011-03-01 Gamen no mukou gawa
2011-06-26 Power Girl
2011-08-eighteen Dirty Prison Ship

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